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A Man of Character Eleanor Roosevelt
I am not really close enough to Nehru to write what I feel would be an adequate appraisal of his achievements but here is something that I would like to say from my heart.

Jawaharlal Nehru's wisdom, his patience, his far-sightedness will be needed in the next ten years as much as they have been in the past. His personal courage as well as his moral courage and his integrity deserve special recognition. He has stood for the things he believed in. We may not always agree with him but it is a wonderful thing to know that the man will stand for the things that he feels are important to his own country and to the world.

Nehru has tried to educate his people in the ways of democracy. This is a tremendous undertaking with a population as great as India's and with a background of illiteracy to start with. His success is already being proved, I think, and not only the Indians but much of the rest of the world owes Nehru a debt of gratitude for his leadership, for his integrity and his courage.