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नेहरू के बारे में लेख और भाषण

That First Meeting Lord Mountbatten
I first met Jawaharlal Nehru on 18th March, 1945 when he came for a week's visit to Malaya at the time I was Supreme Commander, South-East Asia. He dined alone with my wife and me the first night and our friendship dates from that occasion.

When I went out to India as Viceroy a year later to arrange the transfer of power, his statesmanlike approach, untinged by any bitterness over his long imprisonment in British jails, was of the greatest help to me.

When I remained on as the first constitutional Governor General of India I was particularly struck by the way he handled the overwhelming problems with which India was faced; what was more, his friendly feeling for Britain and his desire that India should remain within the Commonwealth were evident.

Although we have had no official connection with him since we left India in June, 1948, his friendship with my wife and me has enabled us to see quite a lot of one another and to keep touch by correspondence.

For our part both of us have a sincere sympathy and affection for him, and I feel certain that history will accord him an even greater place than contemporary world opinion gives him today.